Holiday Décor and Your Listing

Monday Nov 21st, 2016


~~By Larry Cerqua, TREB President

Having a home listed for sale during the holiday season can be challenging for sellers. Schedules are busy with social events and shopping, and financial stresses are at a high. Your GTA REALTOR® can help relieve you of these stresses, and is experienced enough to show how to get the most out of your listing this time of year.

The cooler months present a unique opportunity for a favorable transaction. Homes take on a warm, inviting feel at this time of year, which can be enhanced by holiday decorations, if done right.

Here are a few tips that can help you determine where to draw the line on holiday décor when your house is for sale.

Moderation is Key

The rule of thumb when deciding how much décor to use is less is more. Keep decorations to scale, so if you live in a small home or condo always use less. Clutter can be a deterrent for buyers. However, that being said, living in a larger home doesn’t mean you should add more. It’s all about strategic placement. Never let a tree or large décor piece block the flow of the room or a doorway. If you have an oversized foyer or rooms with cathedral ceilings consider using a large tree to fill the space to emphasize your homes grand features.

The Good Stuff

Over years of use, some of the ornaments or decorations that have been collected may have seen better days. With this in mind, only bring out the “good stuff” to display. Leave any broken, kitschy or old items in storage. Remember, although some decor may have sentimental value for you and your family, when selling you want to be able to appeal to a broader audience.

Neat and Tidy

Keeping your home orderly during the holidays may prove to be a challenge but it is necessary for showing your home. Be sure that storage bins and boxes are neatly stored away in the basement or in a designated storage area. Tidying up immediately after use has proved to be an effective method to ensure all the ribbons, bows and wrapping is cleaned up in time for a showing.

Also, try to avoid too many outdoor lights, outdoor inflatable characters and too many presents under the tree. Remember to keep it simple, this will accentuate all the right features of the home, while winning the hearts and minds of any potential buyers.

Moreover, buyers who are searching for a home at this time of the year tend to be serious about making a purchase and as such, ineffectual showings are not the norm. To give your home a competitive edge and get it looking its holiday best, you may wish to consult with a home staging professional. Regardless of your approach to decking the halls, be sure to talk to a Greater Toronto REALTOR®. They can give you insight into recent transactions in your area, present various marketing strategies and tap into a vast network to bring potential buyers to your door

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